Faculty Advisor

Danielle Edwards


Faculty Treasurer

Shilpa Khatri


Post-Doc President

Marie-Claire Chelini

I am an evolutionary ecologist and a President’s Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Natural Sciences. I became actively committed to increasing diversity in STEM fields after suffering from a lack of female role models when I first started doing research. I joined W-STEM as vice-president last Fall, and now wish to take an active role in our mentorship program, as W-Stem’s Postdoctoral President. I am determined to make my surroundings welcoming, supportive and respectful for women and minorities, and wish to contribute all I can to make STEM disciplines more diverse and equalitarian in the long run.

Post-Doc Vice President

Dannise Ruiz Ramos

I am a marine biologist at the School of Natural Sciences.  I have served during diversity recruiting initiatives, and I am interested in supporting efforts toward mentoring and retention of underrepresented groups.

Post-Doc Treasurer

Japan Dhillon


Post-Doc Secretary

Camille Carvalho

I’m an applied mathematician at UCM, I joined W-STEM as secretary last Fall, and I wish to continue to contribute as secretary to strengthen connections and expand W-STEM on campus, share my experience in the mentoring program displayed by W-STEM and contribute to it success.

Graduate President

Kinsey Brock

I am excited to lead W-STEM as Graduate President and head of the W-STEM Mentorship Committee for another academic year. As Graduate President, I am committed to providing anyone interested in women’s issues in STEM at UC Merced an inclusive space to grow personally and professionally. For the academic year 2017-18, I hope to grow and strengthen the W-STEM Mentorship Program, create a peer-mentor graduate women’s circle, and engage more undergraduate W-STEMers in research/STEM career development activities.

Graduate Vice President

Megha Suswaram

Megha Suswaram is a feminist by belief, a bio-mathematician/herpetologist by passion and a tea addict because tea and science are the two things she cannot live without. She enjoys reading about science, technology and nature. An engineer turned biologist, she does mathematical modeling to understand evolution of lizards.

Graduate Treasurer

Melanie Legro

As current W-STEM treasurer, I applied for and was successfully granted $400 in funding from the Graduate Student Association to support W-STEM events. Next year W-STEM is eligible for ASUCM grant funding to support professional development, travel to conferences, printing, and holding large scale events. After thorough research and preparation I will write a solid grant proposal and elevate the the entire W-STEM student organization. As W-STEM treasurer I believe 2017-2018 will be the best financial year on record!

Graduate Secretary

Eric Roberts

I am a fourth year PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics and I am excited for the opportunity to contribute in the growth of W-STEM. As your Secretary, I will fight to expand the reach of W-STEM and encourage diversity in our respective fields through community outreach and a strong social media presence. Like you, women’s empowerment is a passion I hold dear to my heart. So together, let us build up and support women in science.

Undergraduate President

Florence Lucey

Florence will be returning to UC Merced in the fall of 2017 as a Junior, majoring in Physics with an Emphasis in Biophysical Chemistry. Florence served as the Undergraduate President of W-STEM for the 2016-2017 school year, if re-elected as president or vice president, she plans to prioritize professional advancement in STEM among undergraduates. By doing so, she plans to arrange a committee that would focus entirely on exposing undergraduate students to internships, jobs, and fellowships, as well as assisting in the application process. In her 2016-2017 term, she focused on retention of undergraduates in STEM fields. She believes that being introduced to professional STEM settings encourages students to find their interest and pursue careers in STEM.

Undergraduate Vice President

Indiana Madden

I have been on the executive board as Undergraduate Treasurer this past year and would like to continue dedicating my time and energy into strengthening WSTEM’s footing here at UCM. I hope to collaborate with all levels of WSTEM’s executive boards to work towards a more unified organization. I believe my experience with social justice, leadership, time management, and the mentorship program will help me qualify as a presidential candidate of WSTEM.

Undergraduate Treasurer

Maha Zaman

I am an undergraduate student majoring in bioengineering and am interested in the position of treasurer. I am currently under the mentorship of Professor Laura Beaster-Jones. I really want to be more involved in W-STEM and inspire women of all ages to pursue STEM fields (especially in majors involving engineering and mathematics). As of now, my class standing is sophomore and I will be a Junior in credits by this coming Fall semester. I would like to learn more about the responicibilities of a Treasuer in W-STEM as well as improve my leadership skills. I hope to both grow from this opportunity and work to better W-STEM’s club values of empowering women to be pioneers and preservere through challanges.

Undergraduate Secretary

Susana Canela